First Days
Well, we did it. Or rather, Melina did it. Margot Riley Shaffer was born on July 2nd, 2010 at 11:47pm. It all started about 4:30pm that evening, when Melina just felt "funny." Her parents were here and she asked her mom if that feeling could be "it". Yup, sure could. So, off to the hospital we went. We were going to be going in the next morning for an induction anyway, as Margot's due date was the 1st anyway, so we had bags packed and more or less ready to go. It still felt weird to think, "Oh my goodness, is this it?" --- We got to the hospital at 5:15pm and within a half hour, the staff had agreed to have Melina stay. It took awhile for the epidural to be installed, as they have to run a saline IV first. With not a moment to spare, the epidural was in and Melina felt better. At this point the contractions went from every three minutes to about every two minutes. --- At 9:30pm, Melina's father came back in to bring Judi (aka Oma) home to wait. But the nurse was in just at that time to do an exam and check the dilation. --- So Judi stayed to help as the contractions got closer together and stronger. Melina didn't feel a thing by this time, which was fine with her! --- The prep work for the delivery did take a fair bit of time. Our wonderful nurse, Freida, was busy getting ready all the stuff with the delivery bed, the incubator, the tools and such for doctor and staff. --- Then finally, around 11:30pm the nurse was ready to have Melina PUSH!! ... We prepared ourselves for all the pushing and counting to ten that we did for THREE HOURS with Miah. ...We made it to the count of TWO!! before the nurse shouted, "Stop! Don't push." Well, to our amazement, she rushed to call the doctor and the other staff to get them ready...Margot just about came out right then and there! The doctor on call and the other nurses came in a rush. He had me hold one leg, and had Melina get ready to push. We got through one counting to Ten just fine. Then he said, another one, but an 'easy' push this time. ––– Well, we didn't even make it to the count of seven before Margot popped out!! .... THREE PUSHES, not three HOURS! Phew!

Freshy Hatched




Daddy time


Melina's proud parents


'Oma' Wilkins


I love my mommy


At peace


No worries




Itty Bitty Feetsies


Miah, the Best Big Sister Ever!


Oma, Miah and Margot


How many parents does it take to change a newborn?


Our little Elf.


Daddy rockin'




On our warm out of the hospital