I'm back!

Well, sorry for the long absence. The web page program I use (Rapidweaver) has some issues, so I haven't had time to deal with it until now. Of course, the big news is that Melina is pregnant! The little belly bean is due on June 22nd. Just this past week, Melina has been able to feel it moving. One memorable time was when Melina was doing crosswords in bed, and just about threw the crossword book when she felt the baby move! What a surprise!

Knowing the little bundle is on its way means we have to adjust some things around the house. Melina is sleeping more. We have to sort through all the generous donations of maternity clothes. We painted the upstairs room this past fall. We've got more plans for this summer to get ready for the addition to the family.

On February 5th, we go in and get the second sonogram. We'll know then if we have a boy or a girl! We don't have a preference, but we want to know. The practicality of it all is inescapable for us.

So with all the upcoming excitement, I hope to leave more message here.


Super Movie

Go see
Superman Returns
. It was really pretty good. Story line was good, action pretty good. Computer effects were mixed. But the sly, somewhat humor was great.

I give it 4 out of 5.

1) Last few scenes where he's flying up out of the city, you can tell they sped up the film, because the cars are going way too fast.
2) Kitty dropping the crystals down into the ocean should have caused another power interruption, thus disabling the plane Richard and Lois are in.

Truck vs. Ladder: Truck Wins

Here's what was left of the ladder.


Ever wonder what would happen if you hit a ladder at 60mph?

Well, I never did.

And now I won't ever have to, because I did just that today. It was on Loop 408 at about 4:10pm today. I was in Melina's Explorer because I had taken her and her bandmate to the airport this morning.

There was a lot of traffic as we were coming up on the I-20 exits and all of a sudden......POW!...there was this aluminum ladder flying up in front of me. It was already coming apart before I hit it.

The crack of impact was immense. There was a following loud thud and rumble as it went under all the tires was like thunder.

The immediate concern was a blown tire, but nothing happened. The flow of traffic just went on. Staying alert for catastrophic failure of anything the ladder might have hit, I made it home.

Here's the resultant damage. Notice the missing license plate, which was ripped right off.


Captions starting to appear

Watch out! More details are being added all the time!

More pictures posted!! Days 4-8.

Days 4-8 pictures are up now. And I'm going to put up some descriptions of things. It's all evolving so check back often!


Ok, so they are a few weeks late, but the pictures from England are starting to be put up. There were over 900 of them so it's hard to narrow down the selection. I'll also put up more description of what all we did and where we went. I might even make some maps to show where we walked on the Hadrian's Wall Path.

I have the full resolution files of all of these (some up to the full 8.2MB RAW image), so let me know if there is something you want a copy of.


Sorry for the silence

It's been a busy month. Melina is almost done with her teaching for the year.
And we're making the final arrangements for our trip in June!

Oh yeah, and the little fact about our one year anniversary coming up! :)

The Latest

Melina is now officially a mechanic. Well, Ok, so the school district has a checklist for teachers to use when going on bus trips (like this weekend). Wonder what happened to make the bureau-donothing-crats (my word) force this upon teachers.

We're going to see Alistar Fraiser tomorrow!! Woohoo!

And last but not least, keep my bro in your thoughts. He's in the hospital. More info as it turns up.

Texas Heat

I rode today on what appears to be our hottest day of the year, so far. I rode with a great group of people from the Greater Dallas Bike Club on a very nice ride through Mesquite.


It was 91º outside. So those 30 miles could have been better. Ok, well, if I'd been in better shape, it'd be good, too. But I'm alive, and drinking plenty of fluids. Melina was a fine nurse, applying aloe on my poor sunburnt nose. wuv tweu wuv...
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