Almost there...

Well, the regular school year is at close and Melina is done with the kids. Now it's time to finish up the paperwork side of things.

Star got the...ahem, royal treatment at the vet today. Poked and prodded for the full annual checkup. The results are an ear infection and a possible bladder infection or kidney issue (treatable with different medications or diet). So $475 later, she's set to go. I was about ready to buy stock in a paper towel company! (just kidding)

Miah is more or less back to normal. The nurse told us about some other ointments for the diaper rash, and she's doing much better in that regard. But here in the past couple days or so, she's developed quite the penchant to whine and complain when she doesn't immediately get what she wants. I know, I know, give it a few years and then we'll really know what that's all about, right? Well, we think it's just a sign that she is more aware of things and wants to check them out. She'll reach out for things, like the big ol' stack of maps NG sent me that I'd done the edits on. Then she'll play with it for a moment, then just drop it and go onto the next thing.

The other 'fun' part is she really, really wants to explore more. We have let her be free and roam the kitchen and the bedroom some, and she doesn't want to be cooped up. Phew, glad summer is here! :)

We're looking forward to the upcoming summer trips and being able to spend time with everybody! See ya soon!
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