What's Goin' On

Melina is neck deep with rehearsals for the UIL contests coming up; staying sane with the new crop of orchDorks; string quartet rehearsals, and Threadneedle St recording sessions (album is recorded, just have to mix and burn!). This weekend, she is playing at the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park. And then we're helping celebrate Randi's 30th birthday. But at this point, she says she's just ready for Spring Break.

National Geo has been keeping me busy. I just finished up rebuilding 20-some files that make up the Yellowstone Park area. On my desk is three more maps that need edits done on them. In between all this, I repainted a metal cabinet that was Grandpa Baker's to put all my computer stuff in. It's a lot better than all those plastic shelf things. We'll now use those for some of Miah's clothes anyway.

Star and the cats are adjusting to having this other 'thing' moving around trying to catch them.

Oh, and the thing I forgot to mention about Miah is that she is 'talking' differently now. She is using more consonants now. So now it's more, "bla, blah, bla." Even a little bit of 'dah daa' and a lot of 'ma ma'. We're pretty amused.
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