I'm back!

Well, sorry for the long absence. The web page program I use (Rapidweaver) has some issues, so I haven't had time to deal with it until now. Of course, the big news is that Melina is pregnant! The little belly bean is due on June 22nd. Just this past week, Melina has been able to feel it moving. One memorable time was when Melina was doing crosswords in bed, and just about threw the crossword book when she felt the baby move! What a surprise!

Knowing the little bundle is on its way means we have to adjust some things around the house. Melina is sleeping more. We have to sort through all the generous donations of maternity clothes. We painted the upstairs room this past fall. We've got more plans for this summer to get ready for the addition to the family.

On February 5th, we go in and get the second sonogram. We'll know then if we have a boy or a girl! We don't have a preference, but we want to know. The practicality of it all is inescapable for us.

So with all the upcoming excitement, I hope to leave more message here.

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