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There are a lot of new movies in the Family page, as well as some in Margot's page. Check 'em out. Hope they bring a smile to your face!

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Rolly Polly

[Sorry for the lack of posts this fall. So much to do and so little time.]

But I had to mention that Margot has started to roll over all by herself. She actually prefers to sleep on her side/front. And she's only four months old! So much for "set [her down] and for get [her]"!!




Long overdue

I'm getting 'round to putting up more pictures. Sorry for the long delay. The holidays were great, but very busy. Three day weekends are the time to get some pictures up. So keep your fingers crossed...more to come today!

Happy Halloween

Pumpkin carving pictures are up.


Sale sale sale!

By the time I was done putting signs up for our garage sale and returned the few blocks from Green Oaks, Melina had sold almost all of the items we had!

Bye bye dog houses, atrium thingy, old grungy deck chairs!


We went to the Fort Worth Zoo today. Pictures are in Miah's gallery.


Concert time

Fun or foolish...we're at an outdoor concert!!! Polka, baby!

Fall Cuteness


We're home, safe and sound.

More details and photos when we wake back up.....

Almost there...

Well, the regular school year is at close and Melina is done with the kids. Now it's time to finish up the paperwork side of things.

Star got the...ahem, royal treatment at the vet today. Poked and prodded for the full annual checkup. The results are an ear infection and a possible bladder infection or kidney issue (treatable with different medications or diet). So $475 later, she's set to go. I was about ready to buy stock in a paper towel company! (just kidding)

Miah is more or less back to normal. The nurse told us about some other ointments for the diaper rash, and she's doing much better in that regard. But here in the past couple days or so, she's developed quite the penchant to whine and complain when she doesn't immediately get what she wants. I know, I know, give it a few years and then we'll really know what that's all about, right? Well, we think it's just a sign that she is more aware of things and wants to check them out. She'll reach out for things, like the big ol' stack of maps NG sent me that I'd done the edits on. Then she'll play with it for a moment, then just drop it and go onto the next thing.

The other 'fun' part is she really, really wants to explore more. We have let her be free and roam the kitchen and the bedroom some, and she doesn't want to be cooped up. Phew, glad summer is here! :)

We're looking forward to the upcoming summer trips and being able to spend time with everybody! See ya soon!


So, in case you're wondering what's been going on around the Shaffer household, here's the update:

1. Miah is feeling a lot better, after a few days of come-and-go fever. But she has a nasty diaper rash that we're struggling with. Just gotta do oil changes more often.

2. I've adopted a new member of the family....her name is Grey. Outside only. But very cute and friendly enough to pet while she's eating her hand outs.

3. Ever consider a career in fluid dynamics? Apply in person to Star.

4. Aunt Randi brought me some cool new shades.

5. The otherwise nocturnal form that is known as "Buns Up" caught in a rare daytime living-room appearance.

Congratulations to the Newly Retired!

Just giving a shout out to Grandma Wilkins who finished her last days of tortu....teaching on Friday!

Here's to afternoon naps! Hip hip hooray!

Three Wonderful Years

Woohoo! Three years ago today we were married! :)

From our first date in Fort Worth....back in '03...

To wedding day...in '05..

To the new addition...

What a wonderful thing!!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers,
Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers out there!



What's Goin' On

Melina is neck deep with rehearsals for the UIL contests coming up; staying sane with the new crop of orchDorks; string quartet rehearsals, and Threadneedle St recording sessions (album is recorded, just have to mix and burn!). This weekend, she is playing at the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park. And then we're helping celebrate Randi's 30th birthday. But at this point, she says she's just ready for Spring Break.

National Geo has been keeping me busy. I just finished up rebuilding 20-some files that make up the Yellowstone Park area. On my desk is three more maps that need edits done on them. In between all this, I repainted a metal cabinet that was Grandpa Baker's to put all my computer stuff in. It's a lot better than all those plastic shelf things. We'll now use those for some of Miah's clothes anyway.

Star and the cats are adjusting to having this other 'thing' moving around trying to catch them.

Oh, and the thing I forgot to mention about Miah is that she is 'talking' differently now. She is using more consonants now. So now it's more, "bla, blah, bla." Even a little bit of 'dah daa' and a lot of 'ma ma'. We're pretty amused.

Christmas Update

Christmas had its ups and down this year. The Wilkins' side shared a stomach bug that delayed Christmas by a day. The trip to the Shaffer's in Ohio went smoothly. Chris even made it home; the first time he and I were home together at Christmas in ten years! We spent some time with Grandma Baker, too.


I'm back!

Well, sorry for the long absence. The web page program I use (Rapidweaver) has some issues, so I haven't had time to deal with it until now. Of course, the big news is that Melina is pregnant! The little belly bean is due on June 22nd. Just this past week, Melina has been able to feel it moving. One memorable time was when Melina was doing crosswords in bed, and just about threw the crossword book when she felt the baby move! What a surprise!

Knowing the little bundle is on its way means we have to adjust some things around the house. Melina is sleeping more. We have to sort through all the generous donations of maternity clothes. We painted the upstairs room this past fall. We've got more plans for this summer to get ready for the addition to the family.

On February 5th, we go in and get the second sonogram. We'll know then if we have a boy or a girl! We don't have a preference, but we want to know. The practicality of it all is inescapable for us.

So with all the upcoming excitement, I hope to leave more message here.

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