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Lots of new content (aka Movies)

There are a lot of new movies in the Family page, as well as some in Margot's page. Check 'em out. Hope they bring a smile to your face!

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11:11:11 1/1/'11


Margot at 4 months

13lbs 11oz


Miah's latest creations

1. Dad, Miah, Margot, Mom (and a orange floating magnet...supposed to be a heart)
2. Mannie
3. At the hotel. It's a bag from music class. Inside the bag are new crayons.
4. A drawing of that yellow flashlight that Marla got folks for Christmas last year.

Rolly Polly

[Sorry for the lack of posts this fall. So much to do and so little time.]

But I had to mention that Margot has started to roll over all by herself. She actually prefers to sleep on her side/front. And she's only four months old! So much for "set [her down] and for get [her]"!!




Margot couch potato


Margot has a handle on things


Still Growing

We had to go to the doctor to get a quick follow up for Miah, so we weighed Margot while at the office.

With her onesy, socky and a diaper on, she weighed an even nine pounds! So that's over a pound in two weeks.


Growin' Like A Weed

Margot is growing!!
At Birth: 19.25" & 7lbs 4.1oz
Two Weeks: 21.25" !! & 7lbs 12.5oz !!
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